Samsung Washer DC Error Code | Fix It In 5 Simple Steps

If you’ve ever encountered the Samsung washer DC error code, then you know it can be a bit vexing. But fret not! You don’t need to call for help or take apart your washing machine—there are 7 easy steps that will get everything running again in no time. With this guide at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about the annoying ‘DC’ message appearing on your washer’s display ever again.

What Does Samsung’s DC Error Mean

The DC error code will be displayed on your Samsung washing machine indicating the load inside is unbalanced. This will prevent the drum from spinning, as the machine effectively goes into a safety mode to prevent the risk of further damage. 

There could be a few other reasons why this error message is being displayed. To fix it, you’ll need to identify the root cause of the problem by following the troubleshooting guide below.

Are DC and UE Error Codes The Same

The DC and UE codes are remarkably similar. When an uneven load causes a disruption, these error messages flash on the washer’s display:

  • The DC code means there is too much weight in one area of the machine for it to correctly spin
  • The UE code indicates a safety risk has been triggered preventing the drum from spinning activity or stopping abruptly.

What Causes the DC Error Code

Unbalanced Laundry Load

Generally, an unbalanced laundry load is the main source of the DC error code. This could be due to either underloading or overloading your washing machine drum or having a mix of lightweight and heavyweight items at any one time. 

To ensure you don’t experience this issue again in the future, be sure that you load the drum within the weight capacity stated by the manufacturer.

Obstructed Drum Rotation

If the drum inside your washing machine isn’t able to rotate as intended, it will display the DC error code. You will need to assess and establish what is causing the resistance on the drum rotation. 

Washer Not Level

A common reason DC error code is the washing machine not being level. It is either positioned on an uneven floor, or the adjustable feet are not set correctly allowing the machine to wobble. 

Try rocking the weather back and forth or side to side with your hands. If so, it means that the washer is not level and needs adjusting.

Problem with Drive Belt System

Washer larger loads, or using your washer daily, will reduce the lifetime of your drive belt system. It will simply wear faster due to the additional work it is being asked to carry out.

Regardless of how often you use your washing machine and the size of your laundry loads, a problem with the drive belt system can occur sooner or later, leading to unstable motion and triggering the DC error code.

Worn Suspension Rods

The suspension rods support the tub of the washing machine, you could think of them as the washing machine’s shock absorbers. When they become worn or the attachment brackets are damaged, the washer will begin to shake more than usual and may even prevent the drum from turning. 

It’s important to know that when one suspension rod becomes worn, it’s only a matter of time before the others begin to break down as well. It is this excessive movement on the machine that triggers the error code and if not addressed could lead to extensive damage to the washer..

How to Fix Samsung DC Error

With our diagnosis procedures, we will start with the most likely cause of the easiest problem to check and fix. Then work our way up toward more complex technical problems that may ultimately need the assistance of a repair technician. So let’s start with the basics. 

1. Inspect and Fix the Laundry Load

To troubleshoot the DC error, start by inspecting and adjusting your laundry load. First, take a look at how many garments are in the drum. 

Underloaded: If you have just a few lightweight garments in your wash load, there is a simple solution, add a few towels. This will give better weight and a more balanced load by soaking up some of the water inside the drum and preventing is sloshing around and rocking the drum.

Overloaded: If you have exceeded the drum weight capacity, it will be putting the drive belt and suspension rods under too much pressure. Remove a few heavy items and lighted the load.

Unbalanced Load: Some clothes tend to tangle, such as denim jeans. Other can group up on one area of the inside of the washer drum such as bed sheets. Inspect the wash load and free any tangles or shape out any gathering. Items like running shoes can bang around an empty drum causing an unbalancing effect.

2. Check Drum Shipping Bolts and Spacer Are Removed

If your washing machine is not able to spin properly, it likely still has the shipping bolts and spacer are still attached to it. These small components are installed in the machine during assembly, to prevent it from getting damaged while in transit between warehouses or in the delivery to your home.

If you run a cycle while the bolts and spacers are still there, the machine will begin to heavily vibrate. There are four shipping bolts located on the back of your washing machine. You can remove them with a wrench to allow the drum to rotate normally.

Here’s a great video on how to remove shipping bolts from a Samsung washing machine:

How To Remove Shipping Bolts from a Samsung Washing Machine

3. Check Machine Is Stood Level

You will need a bubble level to check if the machine is standing level. Place the level on top of the washing machine and check the bubble is centered. If the bubble is not centered, you will tilt the washer to get access to the adjustable feed in each corner of the washer. Unscrew to extend them or screw to shorten each foot. 

Adjust the feet and recheck with the bubble level until you find a level position. Then place your hands on two corners of the washer and see if it wobbles. Rock it forward and backward, side to side, and across the diagonal line of the two opposite corners. It should be solid and stand firm.

4. Check Drive Belt System

Next, you will need to inspect the washer drive belt system to check if there are any visible signs of damage. If the drive belt or any of the roller or guides are damaged, you will need to replace them with new components.

How To Check The Drive Belt System

You will need a screwdriver handy to inspect the drive belt. It’s also important to ensure that the washing machine is unplugged before you start checking the belt. Here’s how to inspect this component.

  1. Check the washer is unplugged to avoid any risk of electric shock
  2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the back panel on your washer.
  3. Remove the back panel and you will notice the drive belt, which is made out of durable rubber.
  4. Check the belt for signs of cracking or burning. Make sure you also check whether it is stretched out.
  5. In case you see any signs of damage, remove the belt by simply pulling it out with your hands and installing a replacement.

5. Inspect the Drum Suspension Rods

The drum suspension rods are attached to the washer drum and provide a damping effect or shock absorption to help restrain the drum’s lateral movement. To inspect them you will need to remove the top panel on your washer.

Make sure you use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure this panel first. You will now see the long suspension rods that are connected to the drum. If you notice any visible signs of damage, such as leaking oil or damaged fixing brackets, it is recommended you replace all of the rods. 

Suspension rods wear over time, meaning replacing just one rod will leave the softening effect uneven, with the newer rod being stiffer than the older rods. This itself could trigger an error code indicating an unbalanced machine.

Watch the video below to find out how to replace suspension rods in your Samsung washer.

How To: Samsung Suspension Support Rod DC97-16350C

Verdict: DC Error Code Samsung Washer

There is a good chance that you will be able to fix the Samsung washer DC error code simply by altering the laundry load or leveling the machine. If this doesn’t work, you should inspect the drive belt system or the drum suspension rods to understand what went wrong. Either way, in the worst-case scenario it will still take you only a few hours to get to the bottom of the problem.

Samsung Models Covered

If your Samsung washing machine models, such as: are unbalanced during a load of laundry, you will be presented with the DC error message.

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