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Ninja Power Blenders are one of the most popular brands of blenders marketwide. Fortunately, they have convenient safety features that let you know when something isn’t working correctly. 

One of these essential features is the power light located on the front. When there’s a problem your Ninja Blender power button will be flashing red to alert you.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking?

If you notice your ninja blender power button blinking red, it indicates something is wrong.

There are a number of reasons the power light is blinking, and signaling that you must fix something before safely using the blender. 

Even if you plug your Ninja Blender into an electrical outlet, it will not run if the power button is blinking. This measure ensures both your safety and that the blender does not get damaged. Continue reading to find some causes for a blinking light, along with solutions to solve the problem, so you can run your blender smoothly and effectively without worry.

Reasons for Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking

There are a handful of reasons you may see your ninja blender power button blinking, so you’ll have to check each possible cause to find the reason for the blinking. More often than it’s a simple fix. So let’s run through each check and got you blending safely again.

Handle Arrows Not Aligned

If your Ninja Blender power button is blinking, you may not have aligned the handle arrows correctly. You should align the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the pitcher handle when you first assemble your Ninja Blender. 

Aligning these arrows ensures you can secure the lid in place. If the arrow on the lid is pointing toward any corner other than toward the handle, it will not click into place.

Handle Arrows Not Aligned

The Ninja Blender will not run if the handle arrows are not aligned. Instead, the light will blink to tell you that something is wrong. If it were to run despite the mistake in assembly, food might fly everywhere during the blending process, a mess you will surely be grateful to avoid.

Lid Not Secured

Maybe you have already checked to ensure that the handle arrows are aligned on your Ninja Blender, and the power light is still blinking red. Therefore, you probably didn’t adequately secure the lid, leaving gaps for liquids and foods to potentially escape the blender. 

Sometimes, the lid could even have come unseated during the blending process, which would cause the Ninja Blender to stop running. The power turns off for your safety if something is assembled incorrectly.

So, check the lid if your light is still blinking or if it started blinking in the middle of blending. Then, remove the lid from the pitcher, and reset it tightly into place. If you hear a loud click after placing the lid back on the pitcher, you have assembled it correctly. Hearing the click is the best indicator that you’ve secured the lid and are ready to use the blender again. 

Lid Handle Is Up

Another potential reason for the Ninja Blender power button blinking red is that the lid handle is up. When blending is complete, this handle can be raised and used to remove the lid, which helps users avoid touching the lid’s messy bottom.

However, the Ninja Blender will not allow you to proceed if the lid handle is raised while you are trying to blend something. The lid handle’s safety mechanism stops the blender from running to ensure that every piece is in place before running.

The blender will sense it if you leave this handle even slightly up. Thus, you must push it all the way down before attempting to run the blender. You will hear a click when the handle has been pushed down, just like when you secured the blender’s lid.

Pitcher Not Seated on Base

The pitcher is where the blending takes place in the blender. The lid secures onto this pitcher. You place all your ingredients in there to be blended by the spinning blades on the pitcher’s floor.

If the pitcher is not properly secured into the blender, this could also cause the power button to blink red. The light will flash to alert you that you may not have snapped part or all of the container into place correctly. 

To properly secure the pitcher into the Ninja Blender’s base, insert it onto the base and turn it clockwise. Check that the pitcher is not leaning or aligned crookedly, which will also cause the power light to blink red. 

Blender Overheating

Aside from assembly issues, the power light blinking red on your Ninja Blender can also signify a more serious safety concern. If it is overheating, the power button on your blender will begin blinking red to alert you. 

The power button flashing red at you tells you that the blender needs to cool down before you can use it. 

In this scenario, wait about a minimum of 30 minutes before attempting to use the blender again. Using the blender while it is overheated or too soon after it was overheated is dangerous. It can cause you to burn yourself or cause irreparable damage to the blender. 

In extreme circumstances, you may also see smoke emerging from the pitcher’s base if your Ninja Blender is overheating. In this situation consider the blender beyond safe use. 

Blender May Need Cleaning

A slightly more benign cause of the power light blinking red is that the blender just needs a good cleaning. Something like old ingredients or grime may have gotten lodged inside the blender, such as old ingredients or grime. 

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To check this, begin by removing both parts of the pitcher from the blender. Next, inspect the area where these two parts of the pitcher meet. Then peer underneath each of them, in all the nooks and crannies. If any food or grime has accumulated in any of these areas, proceed to pick or wipe everything out until your blender is finally clean.

After this, every piece of your Ninja Blender should fit together well and assemble correctly. Next, check to see if the red light is still blinking at you. If it is no longer flashing, then proceed with your blending. If the red light in the power button remains on after cleaning the blender and checking everything else, then keep reading.

Safety Mechanism Broken

Let’s say you have tried all the tips and tricks listed above. Yet, your Ninja Blender power button blinking still will not stop. Ideally, the red light only blinks from the power button as a safety mechanism to alert you to potential risks. However, your power button light might just not be working.

The power button light can malfunction due to a broken safety mechanism. One or more of the safety mechanisms can fail over time if the blender is misused or used often, which will then lead to the light blinking continuously. The blender would sense that a part is out of place or missing from where it should be.

To fix this specific problem, you will need to replace whichever part of the Ninja Blender has a broken safety mechanism. For example, perhaps part of the lid handle is broken, or the click feature is not working. To fix it, you will need to get this part replaced for the blender to use its sensors to read that everything is correctly in place.

Ninja Power Light Still Blinking?

If you have read through each of these possible mishaps and determined that none of them are true of your blender, perhaps your blender just requires a good reset. First, try unplugging the Ninja Blender from the electrical outlet. Leave it to sit for approximately ten minutes. Afterward, return to the blender, plug it back in, and give it another try.

Aside from this, your Ninja Blender could also simply be broken. In this case, consider contacting the seller or customer service for assistance.

For example, your blender might have a faulty cord, which could prevent it from receiving adequate power from a power source. Or, if you have otherwise dropped or damaged your Ninja Blender, it might have a damaged motor preventing it from running correctly. 

In any of these scenarios, you will need to get your blender repaired or replace it entirely, depending on the extent of the damage and if it is still under warranty.

Note: If you have dropped your Ninja Blender at any point, check for cracks throughout it. Cracks can result in injuries or unnecessary messes from the blender.

Friendly Warning

After all this troubleshooting, removing the safety mechanism from your Ninja Blender might become tempting to get the power light to stop blinking. Unfortunately, this method can be dangerous. The safety mechanism is in place as a way to protect you from mishaps. These mishaps can include injuries, appliance damage, or fire hazards.

If you cannot identify the problem with your Ninja Blender, the best move is likely to ask customer service for help or replace your blender.

Verdict: Ninja Blender Light Flashing

Ninja Blenders have many valuable features. They have great powerful settings and generally easy-to-assemble parts. In many cases, if the power button insists on blinking red at you, it is a simple assembly mistake. Check for all the possible errors listed above. Hopefully, your Ninja Blender will be back up and running in no time at all.

However, like every other kitchen appliance, the Ninja Blender is capable of breaking. So be on the lookout for breaks and wear and tear in your Ninja Blender. Be careful not to drop it or damage it, and your blender will likely last a long time. 

FAQs Ninja Power Button Blinking

Here are a few frequently asked questions that might be on your mind. You might find this additional information helpful in your endeavors to fix your Ninja Blender.

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