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I hate it when my microwave smells like fish. There have been a few times when I was utterly grossed out by the smells that came out of my microwave oven. Although this is not a problem I frequently had, it was quite memorable each time it occurred. Ever since I do everything that I can to prevent foul smells from potentially coming out of my microwave.

Why Your Microwave Smells Weird

There can be multiple reasons why your microwave smells weird. In most cases, it’s simply due to heating a variety of foods. Some of the compounds in the food you prepare may not give any foul odor at room temperature, but they may start to smell after being heated in a microwave. Here are some of the reasons why your microwave smells weird.

Microwave Smells Of Fish

In most cases, your microwave will develop a nasty fish-like odor because you use the appliance to prepare fish. This odor can often stick around for a while, which means you’ll have to clean the microwave to get rid of it. The odor will especially linger for a long time if you burn fish while cooking it. Another reason for the fish smell can be a buildup of food projections that get stuck to the interior walls of the microwave. That’s why you need to regularly maintain your microwave.

Microwave Smells Of Dead Animals

You may be wondering why your microwave suddenly smells of dead animals. If you’re experiencing a problem like this, there’s a good chance you use your microwave oven to prepare healthy meals that include a lot of green vegetables. The odors vegetables like broccoli can produce can resemble those of a dead animal. There’s no need to panic though, as you can get rid of the smell using one of the techniques I’ll mention later on in the article.

Microwave Smells Of Mildew

In case you notice that your microwave has started to smell like mildew, it’s almost certainly a sign of mold growth. Mold has the ability to grow anywhere if the conditions are right. If you don’t clean your microwave often and allow for humidity to build up inside of it, you may start to have a mold problem soon.

How To Get Rid Of Weird Smells In Your Microwave

There are different ways to get rid of the weird smells in your microwave. I have personally tried each of the following methods and they all do the trick. As long as you use any of the following six techniques, you will be able to easily get rid of weird fish smells in your microwave oven.

Clean It With Warm Water And Kitchen Detergent

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to get rid of nasty odors in your microwave. However, you should know that this method works only if the odor is mild. To clean the appliance with water and kitchen detergent, make sure you first heat a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl for a few minutes to make it easier to remove the grime. Now simply grab a soft cloth and dip it in water and kitchen detergent and start wiping the interior.

Clean It With White Vinegar

Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Microwave the mixture for six minutes at a high power level. Let the bowl sit in the microwave for an additional 30 minutes. After that, take a sponge to thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave. In case the odor is still there, put a cup of white vinegar in the cup and leave it in the appliance overnight.

Clean It With Lemon Juice

Citrus fruits do an excellent job of removing nasty smells. I prefer to use lemon juice to eliminate strong odors, but you can also use ranges and limes. Grab a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with a cup of water and a lemon cut into small pieces. Microwave the bowl for around four minutes while temporarily checking to see if it’s not burned. Leave the bowl to sit in the microwave with the door closed for at least half an hour.

Use Baking Soda As A Deodorizer

Baking soda does an excellent job of neutralizing smells. Before you use it to remove the nasty smells coming from your microwave, grab a soft cloth first and wipe the inside of the appliance. Now take half a cup of water and combine it with two tablespoons of baking soda in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave this mixture for three minutes and leave it in the appliance for an additional two minutes. If needed, repeat the process until the odor goes away.

Use Ground Coffee As A Deodorizer

Using coffee grounds to remove the foul odor in your microwave is a tried and tested strategy. What you’ll have to do is combine half a cup of water with two tablespoons of coffee grounds in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave this mixture for several minutes while checking every once in a while to ensure it doesn’t boil over. Repeat the process if the smell is still there after microwaving the coffee grounds.

Use Activated Charcoal As A Deodorizer

Activated charcoal is frequently used for absorbing moisture, but it can also remove smells from microwaves. All you have to do is cut the charcoal into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Place it inside your appliance and leave it for several hours. In case the charcoal hasn’t fully absorbed the smell, leave it inside the microwave for a few more hours.

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SOLVED: Microwave Smells Weird Like Fish

So, what should you do if your microwave smells like fish? The first thing to do is use any of the six aforementioned techniques to get rid of the smell. After you do that, you should clean the microwave regularly to reduce the likelihood of a nasty odor lingering inside the appliance.

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