LG Washer UE Error Code | Fix It In 7 Simple Steps

The LG washer UE error code is an issue that many of us who own LG washing machines may experience eventually. The cause for this frequent problem can be as straightforward as the laundry load being unbalanced or the appliance not being placed securely in its designated area.

What Does LG’s UE Error Mean

A UE error code indicates that the LG washing machine is attempting to balance the load.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there is an unbalanced load of clothes in the washer drum. The machine is picking up a signal that the overall motion of the drum and machine is unbalanced. 

What Causes LG’s UE Error Code

When diagnosing an error code, we need to go through a series of troubleshooting steps, typically starting with the easiest to diagnose. With a UE error code, there are four main areas of concern.

  1. Unbalanced load
  2. Uneven floor surface
  3. Drive the best problem
  4. Control board problem

Unbalanced Laundry Load

An unbalanced load means the contents of the washer drum are unevenly distributed in terms of their weight. This basically means your clothes are lopsided in the drum or banging against the side of the drum when spinning.

This can lead to lateral movement in the drum as it attempts to spin, which in turn can lead to mechanical damage to serval components connected to the drum, including shock arms, springs, and the rotor. 

Uneven Floor Surface

The UE error code is about the machine trying to correct an off-balance load or motion. So any type of problem involving the machine’s stability as it attempts to spin will trigger those error codes. This includes an uneven floor or not being horizontal to the ground with a firm footing.

Problem with Drive Belt System

The drive belt system is integral to the smooth motion of the drum. The drive belt is manufactured from rubber and the rollers or glides are plastic. So over time, these components wear, leading to unexpected movement in the motion of the drum. It is this unwanted ‘play’ that triggers the error code and will need components to be inspected and possibly replaced.

Faulty Control Module

The purpose of the control module is to both receive and send different signals between various parts of your washer. Although it is designed to last for the machine’s lifetime, the control module can become defective. 

This results in it losing the ability to interpret signals correctly. It may also start to send misleading signals, such as a false UE error code. 

You will need to check whether the module is burned or damaged in any way. 

How to Fix An LG UE Error

1. Inspect and Balance The Laundry Load

In the vast majority of cases, you should be able to fix the UE error code in under a minute by inspecting and balancing the wash load. 

Unbalanced load: Inspect the drum contents and untangle any twisted items and redistribute the weight load evenly across the drum

Underloaded: Avoid washing single items such as running trainers or pillows. They will either retain a lot of water or put uneven weight on one side of the washer drum. Or in the case of running shoes, they will bang inside the washer causing lateral movement of the drum. Add a few small towels to add balance to the load. 

2. Check Machine Is Stood Level

You should check whether your washer is level and stood on a firm footing. You can do this by placing a hand on top of the machine and trying to wiggle it around in different directions to see if it will move. 

A more accurate way to determine whether it is level is to use a bubble level. This small device will let you know if you need to change the position of your washer. In case it’s standing perfectly, the bubble will be centered.

If the washer has any movement or wobble, you will need to adjust the feet to get a firm fitting. 

  1. When the washer is empty, tilt it and locate the feet in each corner
  2. Screw the feet shorten them, and unscrew them to extend the feet. 
  3. Do this in all corners until you establish a level washer with zero movement

Top Load vs Front Loading LG Washers

The UE error code indicates an unbalanced load inside the washer regardless of whether you have a top-loading or a front-loading machine. In case you have a front-loading washer, you can potentially fix the error by redistributing clothes in the drum. Watch the video below for more information about the UE error in front-loading models.

[LG Front Load Washer] Troubleshooting UE Error (Unbalanced Load Error)

Top-loading washing machines will also display a UE error when there is an unbalanced load. In this case, you will need to rearrange the clothes inside the washtub to fix the error. It’s also important to add more items to the tub if the wash load is too small. Here’s a great video on the UE error for top-loading washers.

LG Washer - Top Load Balancing & UE Message (2018 Update)

Less Common Mechanical Causes

3. Inspect Drive Belt System

You should inspect the drive belt system to see whether it is broken or damaged. It sounds complicated, but it is in fact an easy fix that shouldn’t take you more than half an hour. If the drive belt is damaged or worn, you can find a replacement for around $25. Read on to find out how to check the belt.

How To Check The Drive Belt System

Before you start disassembling the washing machine, make sure that you disconnect it from the power source. After that, you should grab a screwdriver and a multimeter and follow these steps:

  1. Pull the washer away from the wall so that you can comfortably access the back panel.
  2. Remove the screws that hold the panel with a screwdriver.
  3. Remove the back panel.
  4. You will notice the belt immediately after removing the panel since it will be the only component made out of rubber in your vicinity.
  5. Remove the belt from the machine and inspect it for signs of burning and cracking.
  6. In case the belt is damaged, you will need to replace it.

4. Inspect the Rotor Mounting Nut

The rotor mounting nut secures the rotor assembly – the component that rotates the washtub on your top-loading washer. You’ll need to remove the back panel on your machine to access the rotor mounting nut. This nut is located in the center of the rotor. Make sure that it is tight. In case it’s become loose, simply tighten it to fix the UE error.

5. Inspect the Suspension on Top-Load Washers

Suspension rods are components found on top-loading washing machines. They are responsible for making sure that the drum is stable when it rotates. 

If you hear a loud banging or knocking sound coming from your washer, when spinning it is likely due to a problem with the suspension rods: 

  • The suspension rod spring is broken
  • Suspension rod mounting brackets have broken or come loose and need tightening

To access the suspension rods, you’ll simply have to remove the top panel on your washer. You will see the long rods connected to the drum. If they show any signs of physical damage, replace them as soon as possible.

6. Inspect the Shock Absorbers on Front-Loader Washers

On a front-loading LG washer, hydraulic shock absorbers are used to dampen the movement of the drum when it’s spinning. They are mounted from the drum, onto the washer housing frame. 

If you see the UE error code and hear a load-knocking noise when the drum is attempting to spin, it is almost certainly going to be due to a failed shock absorber. The two main causes of failure are:

  • Leaking or damaged hydraulic seals, leading to fluid leaking from the damping rod
  • A loose or broken mounting bracket, allowing the shock absorber too much movement

You will be able to inspect the shock absorbers as soon as you remove the front panel on your washer. You’ll only need a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold this panel. After you remove the panel, you’ll notice shock absorbers connected to the drum. Check whether they’re broken or detached in any place. You should also see whether they are leaking oil. You will have to replace the shock absorbers in case they appear damaged.

7. Test the Hall Sensor

The Hall sensor is a small device to reading the speed of the washer drum. If the sensor is defective it can cause a number of problems, including not being able to send a speed control signal to the control board, indicating to the control board that there is a risk of damage, if the drum spins. This will lead to the control board shutting down a spin, and triggering the UE error code. 

Testing the Hall Sensor

  1. To assess the efficiency of your washing machine’s Hall Sensor, you will need to remove its back panel and disassemble the rotor and stator. 
  2. Using a multimeter adjusted to 10 kOhm resistance, connect it to the first and fifth outputs on the sensor; if readings display between 5-15 kOhm then it is operating correctly. 
  3. To ensure accuracy, repeat this process for all second and fifth output connections as well.

If you’ve never tested a component for electrical continuity before, you should watch the video below for a visual guide on how to test the Hall sensor.

How to test the Hall Effect Sensor or position sensor in a washer.

Verdict: Fixing LG Washer UE Error Code

If you are experiencing the LG Washer UE error code, it may be resolved simply with a level adjustment or by changing up your laundry load. However, there is also the possibility that more in-depth repairs will need to take place – such as looking into and possibly replacing components like drive belts, hall sensors, and shock absorbers.


LG Washer – UE Error Code

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