Using LG Tub Clean Cycle: A Complete Guide

Keeping on top of maintaining your washer is often a step too far for most homeowners.  But this is a big mistake, a well-maintained machine will significantly outperform and outlive a neglected one.

Fortunately, many modern washing machine feature pre-set cleaning programs, making the entire process hassle-free. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of using the LG Tub Clean Cycle, and the benefits it offers, whilst addressing the most common questions related to this handy maintenance feature.

What Is The LG Tub Clean Cycle?

The LG tub clean cycle is an easy-to-use cleaning program integrated into most modern LG washing machines. The feature is designed to remove dirt and residues that build up within the machine with regular use. Ultimately this cleansing process improves the performance and efficiency of the machine.

If you perform regular tub clean cycles, it’s easy to make sure your washing machine remains in top-notch condition and offers you longevity, and a great return on your investment.

LG Tub Clean Cycle

How Does LG Tub Clean Cycle Work?

In simple terms, the LG tub clean cycle works by utilizing high-temperature water and powerful cleaning jets to rinse out the washer’s drum. So let me explain in a little more detail how the system works and how long the process takes.

Front Load Washers

Front-load washing machines are designed with a horizontally-oriented drum, so the tub clean function uses the following methods:

High-temperature water: Front load washers use water that is heated to a higher temperature during the tub clean cycle. The increased heat helps to dissolve and dislodge accumulated detergent residue, dirt, and grime from the drum.

Tumbling action: As the drum rotates, the hot water agitates the drum’s surfaces, dislodging and removing dirt and residue.

Water jets: Some premium models are equipped with powerful water jets that forcefully spray water into the drum during the tub clean cycle. The jets help to further agitate and wash away stubborn dirt and grime from the drum’s surfaces.

Drain and spin: At the end of the cycle, the washer drains the water and spins the drum at high speed to remove any remaining water and residue, leaving the drum clean and dry.

Top Load Washers

Top-load washing machines are designed with a vertically-oriented drum, which requires a slightly different set of actions.

High-temperature water: Top-load washing machines also heat the water to a very high temperature to dissolve and dislodge accumulated residue, dirt, and grime from the drum.

Agitator or impeller action: Top load washers use either an agitator or an impeller to create the motion to push the hot water around in the drum to clean its surface of residual suds and other substances.

Water jets: Just like the front-loading machines, some top-load washers also utilize powerful water jets that spray water into the drum during the tub clean cycle.

Drain and spin: After the cleaning process, the top load washer drains the water and spins the drum at high speed to remove any remaining water and residue, leaving the drum clean and dry.

So, both types of washing machines clean the tub through a combination of high-temperature water, agitation or tumbling, water jets, and high-speed spin cycles.

How Long Does The Tub Clean Cycle Take?

The duration of the tub cleaning cycle will vary depending on the washing machine model. Generally speaking, the cycle takes between 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Do You Use Detergent During A Tub Clean Cycle?

No, it’s not necessary. The hot water, and agitation created by the drum motion are enough to produce good results. One of the main purposes of the tub clean cycle is to rinse out sud residue from the drum and drain pipes. So it makes no sense to add detergent for this process, as it would be counterproductive.

How To Use LG Tub Clean

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of using the LG tub clean function:

Step 1: Prepare The Washing Machine

Before starting remove any laundry from the drum and check the door seal and gasket for dirt or debris. Cleaning them if necessary, and then closing the door securely.

Step 2: Select The Tub Clean Cycle

Turn on your LG washing machine and navigate to the tub clean cycle using the control panel or touch screen. The location and label of this function may vary from model to model, so consult the washer manual if you have trouble finding it.

Step 3: Add Washing Machine Cleaner (Optional)

While it’s not recommended to use a detergent during the tub clean cycle, you should add a specialized washing machine cleaner such as the product below, or you can try a mild liquid detergent for enhanced cleaning. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Add it to the detergent dispenser.

washing machine cleaner.
Buy Washing Machine Cleaner.

Step 4: Start The Tub Clean Cycle

Once you’ve selected the tub clean, press the start button to initiate the cleaning process. The washing machine will fill with water and begin the cycle. During this time, don’t attempt to open the washer door.

Step 5: Allow The Cycle To Complete

The cycle takes between 60 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on your specific LG washing machine model. Be patient and allow the cycle to finish uninterrupted. The washer will automatically drain the water and end the cycle once complete.

Step 6: Inspect and wipe down the tub

After the cycle has finished, open the washer door and visually inspect the tub for any remaining residue or debris. If necessary, you can use a soft damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the interior surfaces of the tub.

Here’s a short instructional video demonstrating how to run the LG tub clean cycle.

[LG Washing machine] - How to run a Tub Clean program

3 Reasons To Use LG’s Tub Clean Function

Get the best from your washer by using the LG’s Tub Clean function every 4 to 6 weeks or 30 to 40 loads. The program provides several benefits but the three main reasons for using it include:

1.    Removes odors and smells: Over time, residue and buildup can accumulate within the washing machine, leading to unpleasant odors. The tub clean cycle eliminates these odors, ensuring your laundry smells fresh and clean.

2.    Improve washer performance: By removing residue and buildup, the washer can maintain peak performance, providing cleaner laundry with every load.

3.    Extends washer lifetime: Maintaining a clean washing machine tub helps extend the life of your appliance. The accumulation of suds or grim on the surface of components put pressure on the motor and actuators. Whilst the prevention of mold helps to protect rubber seals and gaskets, amongst other perishable components.

Do Other Washer Brands Have Tub Clean Functions

Yes, many other washing machine manufacturers have implemented their own versions of a tub clean function, similar to LG’s tub clean cycle, these include:

Samsung washing machines feature the Samsung Self Clean or Pure Cycle function, depending on the model.

Whirlpool washing machines offer a Clean Washer Cycle, which utilizes specialized cleaning agents and high-temperature water to thoroughly clean the washer’s tub.

Bosch washing machines are equipped with a Drum Clean function designed to maintain the cleanliness of the washer’s drum.

Electrolux washing machines feature a Tub Clean or Clean Washer Cycle function, depending on the model.

Maytag washing machines offer a Clean Washer with Affresh Cycle. This function is designed to be used in conjunction with Affresh washing machine cleaner tablets.

Related Terms In LG Tub Clean Cycle

Several related terms are associated with the LG tub clean cycle, including:

The Tub Clean Coach is a feature found in some LG washing machines that provides guidance and tips on maintaining your washer’s cleanliness. It provides reminders for running the tub clean cycle, recommendations for cleaning products, or instructions on performing manual cleaning procedures.

The Tub Clean Alarm is a reminder that notifies owners when to run the tub clean cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To further enhance your understanding of the LG tub clean cycle, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked questions.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Have The LG Washing Machine Tub Clean Option?

If your LG washing machine doesn’t have a dedicated tub clean cycle, you can still perform regular maintenance. Fill the washer with hot water and add a mild detergent or washing machine cleaner. Let it soak for about an hour or so and then run a complete wash cycle without any laundry.

Can You Run An LG Tub Clean Cycle Using Vinegar Or Bleach?

Whilst vinegar can be used as a natural alternative to purpose-designed washing machine cleaners, you should avoid using bleach during the tub clean cycle.

White vinegar is a mild, natural cleaner that can help remove odors and buildup without damaging the washer’s components. Bleach on the other hand is a harsh chemical that can damage your machine and should be avoided.

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