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ben hilton

Ben Hilton – Founder

Home Improvements & Repairs

Having renovated two homes and completed countless repairs, it was time to share this experience with the world. From repairing kitchen appliances to remodeling entire homes, my 30 years of experience will hopefully help you on your journey to a beautiful and functional home. Contact.

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Appliance Repair Technician

Andy has over 8 years of experience working on residential household appliances, performing diagnostics, and repairs across most major brands. He graduated from the Denver Institute of Technology, is NASTeC certified, and has worked for Mr. Appliance. Andy has contributed to features on Better Home & Gardens, Family Handyman, and Yahoo.com. Contact.

Tony De Meo

James De Meo

Plumbing and HVAC Engineer

As a retired Master Plumber Jamie has seen just about everything, so his plumbing knowledge is indispensable. He also has extensive experience in HVAC, so if you have a heating problem or need to fix your air con, then Jamie will guide you successfully through it.  Contact.

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